Welcome to one of the very first Haitian owned websites on the web.



     In 1999 Kreyol.Com was one of the very first Haitian owned websites on the web.  I was the  editor for Regional / Caribbean / Haiti category on DMOZ a directory that all search engines would use at the time to list websites.  I could count with one hand the number of Haiti related websites at that time.  Over the years I've launched and lost many website projects but always kept Kreyol.Com alive and online.  Updates are coming.

     In 2015 I moved the website to a new host and redesign to add new services and features.  It was hard to find a host where you can upload files and forget it without worry.  Moving an old site is risky and time consuming so it may take months before all files are cleared of old code and recoded for a new platform.

    This domain has not changed hands since 1999.  Still the same owner and webmaster, the site will still use my art, photos and graphics unless credited.  At first the website was just a way for me to build a vocabulary list of Kreyol words for my own use when it became harder to find Haitian Creole speakers where I was in the United States.  

    Over the years the learning of languages has become a very important part of my life outside of my art and struggles as a painter.  I have an on and off hobby of learning Japanese, which I find fascinating, but Kreyol (Haitian Creole) is my birthright and I want to continue to share the words of Kreyol I've collected and listed on this site over the years to promote the use and future of the language. Never stop learning!


Thank You, all for the support over the years.

- Hertz Nazaire

Haiti Live, Love, and Learn!



Our goal is to promote the use of Kreyol (Haitian Creole) literacy advocacy in our communities world wide. We are not French we are Haitian. I want to learn of a language I and many others have lost touch with.  I love Kreyol words so I collect them and share them here.  - Hertz Nazaire

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Share Kreyol words with Us.  Promote the language and educate the world of Haiti and the pride of Haitian Culture.  Spread the Kreyol words and phrases you know.  If you value this language like I do, help us out send me a note here or on my Facebook.

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