Working hard on the move.


Late night. Insomnia and thousands of old files to move to a new host. Sorry for missing pages, this will take months of work.

Due to many badware attacks on the website over the years a hosting move became urgent in recent days.  It will be slow, none of my old files are safe enough to move here without checking. I have to check and scan each one for hacker and spammer junk codes that stole my traffic.  With so many pages dropped from search the site is badly damaged so the move had to be done now.  While I still can start over from a few pages and build back up to a larger website.  I cannot afford any help to fix the issues.  Going to lose a lot of content in the meantime. 

Right now I am focusing on the 30 pages of Kreyol Words and learning section which may take longer than I hoped. The Kreyol is what most visitors care about since those pages get the most visits.

Other Pages to come:

80+ pages of Naz Poetry Spot ( no rush )

Haitian Food Recipes pages will be back up soon.

History / Culture / and other pages I'll try to move later.  For now I will have blog updates for those topics.

Bib La - The Haitian Creole Bible translation is over 1,000 pages.  I am not sure if I can move that yet. If at all because of the nature of the new platform I am using it is hard to create large sites with it.  One page at a time, since many people like the Kreyol Language words as practice.  I will try to move that over time.  I am only one person doing all the work.

If you visit Kreyol.Com in the next few months and do not see what you were looking for the page has a new url or it has not been added to this new platform yet.  I have a long year of work ahead of me to get this website back on par with what was lost during the move.  

click for web archive of 1999's website

click for web archive of 1999's website

Since November 1999 Kreyol.Com

Haiti Kreyol.Com was created in November, 1999 as a tool to keep in touch with my roots while providing small services to Haitians new to the net. The Haitian community online has grown much larger since then. Our goal is still to provide a comprehensive look at Haitian Culture, Haitian History, Haitian Music and Arts. Our services reach large Haitian-American communities such as Brooklyn - New York, Boston - Massachussetts, and South Florida - Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties (Fort Lauderdale / Greater Miami Areas). This site will serve as a hub to connect you to our Haitian peoples everywhere. Again welcome and enjoy the culture of Haiti.

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